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Oh hai

I probably need to make a more proper welcome, eh? Obligatory 'it's a real late welcome journal!'

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[aph] America

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[aph] America

[Fic] I Don't Wanna Die

Title: I Don't Wanna Die
Characters: America, England, and Canada [minor appearances from other nations]
Rating: M
Warning: psychotic!America, character death, and England not paying attention to his surroundings
Summary: America has been given 12 hours to make a decision. Between him and England, America has to make the choice on which one has to die. Be selfish and save his people, or be generous and let his country fall.


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[aph] America

So, about the bandwidth thing...

So, after recently posting those America animations and the last of those Paint It, White! icons, I had pretty much figured that my bandwidth would probably be exceeded this month. I just wasn't really expecting it to be THIS soon though. However, just so people won't have to wait to nearly the end of this month for my bandwidth to reset, I've gone ahead and re-uploaded the America animations to tinypic so people can continue to view the pictures.

Since pretty much EVERYTHING I have is linked to photobucket [you've noticed, I mean, my top picture's even gone] then everything's pretty much changed itself into a bandwidth exceeded icon. So that means every single one of my icons on iceize and the past icon batches on this journal aren't here. Since there's probably over like...I dunno, 600+, I won't bother with trying to re-upload them and they're just gonna have to sit out and wait for the bandwidth to reset.

I'll probably still try to make more icon batches this month, but more than likely I'll keep two separate photobucket accounts from now on, one for the mass amounts of icons and one fit for animations like that America one.

Haha I love you guys but you're killing me right now. xD;;