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kinda cheesy

bad cheese puns included.

processed dairy, not government cheese
20 March
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I'm Nikki, that kid that tends to keep her head stuck in a bunch of stuff and have little to no idea what's going on outside of her own fantasy world. Usually shy at first, but if you get to know me then chances are you'd be calling me a dork. Nothing wrong with that though, it'll keep me distracted from playing my video games or drawing nonsense.

Stylesheet by refuted
adventure time, alfred f. jones, america, america/belarus, america/canada, america/england, america/japan, animals, animation, anime, aph, art, arthur kirkland, asakiku, axis powers hetalia, belarus, bright colors, burgers, cake, canada, candy, cartoons, cats, celty sturluson, cheese, chicken, chocolate, computers, cookies, cooking, couples, cowboy, cowboys, daydreaming, denmark, digimon, digimon 02, digimon adventure, digimon data squad, digimon frontier, digimon savers, digimon tamers, disney, donut, donuts, doodling, drawing, dreaming, dreams, drrr, durarara, durarara!!, england, england/japan, explosions, family guy, fanart, fanfiction, fiction, finland, food, foxes, fr/uk, fr/us, france, france/america, france/england, french fries, fruk, frus, gaming, germany, goggles, hamsters, hetalia, hetaoni, honda kiku, huskies, ice cream, iceland, icons, imagination, inuyasha, italy, ivan braginski, izaya orihara, japan, jokes, junjou egoist, junjou romantica, junjou terrorist, junk food, kida masaomi, ludwig, men in uniform, milk, movies, music, neon, neon lights, nordics, north italy, norway, nyotalia, oreo cookies, panty and stocking, pasta, peter kirkland, pie, pirates, pizza, pokemon, popsicles, prussia, rain, random outbursts, random phrases, reading, romance, russia, russia/america, sci-fi, science, sealand, sharp objects, shizuo heiwajima, sketching, sleeping, softball, south italy, spoofs, sweden, tiger and bunny, transformers, uk, ukus, uniforms, us/uk, usa, usuk, usxuk, video games, wolves, writing, yaoi, デュラララ!!, ヘタリア